welcome to TANAMERA WELLNESS SPA CENTRE Inspired by nature, trusted traditions

The Tanamera Wellness experience

In a land that embraces cultural diversity and flourishes in the strength of each ethnic composition comes a new concept of spa culture. Malaysian Spa is a concept that is based on age old beauty and wellness traditions of various cultures that have come, conquered and changed the face of the present Malaysia. These tried and tested treatments have over the years been adapted to incorporate the flora and fauna of the surrounding rainforest. Tanamera Wellness treatments are a revival of these traditions and complemented by an award-winning product range that are free from toxic chemicals, artificial coloring, synthetic fragrance and chemical preservatives.

Body Works

Tanamera Body Works are series of body treatments that are able to de-stress, soften, firm, and detox your skin, depending on which treatment you choose. 

Hair Works

Tanamera is a complimentary hair treatment system that combines head massage techniques with natural ingredients formulated to protect and nourish scalp and hair.

Face Works

Tanamera are traditionally inspired facials from Malay beauty houses using only the best natural ingredients to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the skin

Foot Works

Tanamera Foot Works treats the most neglected but overworked part of our body 

Massage Works

Massage is often practiced by various cultures as one of the oldest form of healing. Experience harmony and regeneration as our senses awaken and unravel.


Bridal Program

In ancient time, brides are always physically and spiritually prepared to produce a bride with radiance, beauty and health.



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“Malaysian beauty treatments can be traced back nearly a thousand years and are highly influenced by local Malay, Arab, Chinese, Indian, Javanese and many other cultures that have resided in Malaysia over generations.”

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