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About Us

An insight into Tanamera Wellness Spa

Tanamera Wellness Centers are full service wellness centers providing Malaysian inspired Spa treatments with a focus on prenatal and Postnatal services.

Drawing from their mother’s knowledge of herbs and experience of running 10 “traditional beauty salons” (as it was famously known before evolving into the “spa concept”) in the early 90’s, the Tanamera founders and team creates SOP, manual and train therapist all over the world the art of Traditional Malaysian beauty and wellness treatment.

Since it’s conception, Tanamera have evolved into a complete Spa range based on tropical herbs and essences. To complement its unique products, Tanamera also created a range of spa treatments based on Malaysian beauty therapies with emphasis on traditional Malay treatment.

Tanamera have successfully exported the concept of Traditional Malay spa treatment to countries like Germany, Denmark, Ukraine, Moscow, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the Middle East. Today, many 5 star spas and resorts practice Tanamera Traditional Malaysian beauty and wellness rituals which are still considered unique compared to the normally found Balinese and Thai spa treatments.

Moving forward, we hope to be able to develop the Tanamera Wellness Spa model and use it as a vehicle to introduce the beauty of traditional Malay beauty treatments globally. At the same time, we aim to build a pool of trained local therapist for the global spa industry that has long been dominated by the Thais and Indonesians. May the tradition of our forefathers be successfully exported to the rest of the world.