Get yourself rooted by indulging in a sumptuous treat for your whole body. Your spa journey begins with traditional Tanamera Footworks, which symbolizes your therapist desire to fulfill your every wish during the course of your spa treatment

Then enjoy a luxurious soak with your choice of Tanamera bath for a purifying experience. Conclude this wellness interlude with a cup of herbal tea prepared by your therapist. This herbal refreshment has extraordinary healing properties to calm your nerves and helps you face the remainder of the day with renewed enthusiasm

While your feet is being soaked in essence filled water, your therapist will work magic on your head with Tanamera Hairworks which is a complimentary hair treatment delivered by a mesmerizing head massage.

Duration of package:
5 hours / RM 420

Details of package:

Tanamera Footworks

Tanamera Hairworks

Choice of Tanamera Massageworks with Herbal Compress

Choice of Tanamera body scrub

Body Mask

Body bath

Tanamera Faceworks

Savour a 60 minutes holistic massage where the technique will evoke deep relaxation. To compliment the massage, a traditional steamed herbal compress will be applied all over the body.

Your choice of Tanamera body scrub, gently prepares your body for the regeneration of new skin cells and heightens sensory awareness while our Tanamera body wrap replenish moisture and further soften the skin.