In ancient time, brides are always physically and spiritually prepared to produce a bride with radiance, beauty and health.


In preparation of the special day, Tanamera Bridal Works program allows you treat yourself once a week for four weeks leading to the special day. Tanamera Bridalworks combines head to toe treatments to de stress, relax, revive and prepares you for the Wedding day

Below are details about our bridal program. Simply click on any treatments for more details.

The Bridal Program

Week 1  ( 2hrs 30mins )

  Himalaya Foot Spa

  Hair Works

  Face Works

Week 22hrs )

 Tropical Lulur Scrub 

 Banana Smoothie Body Mask

  Mandi Bunga

  Face Works

Week 32hrs 30mins )

  Cocos Foot Spa

  Hair Works

  Face Works

Week 4 2hrs )

 Desiccated Coconut Body Polish
 Coconut Milk Body Mask
 Coconut Milk Bath

  Face Works

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