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Tanamera Wellness is a leading provider of traditional Malaysian beauty and wellness treatments. Their therapies are designed to revive ancient Malay techniques and promote health and well-being through innovative solutions and exceptional training programs. Recently, the Asia Pacific Spa and Wellness Coalition recognized Tanamera’s commitment to excellence by awarding them the Wellness Business Innovation of the Year and Trainer of the Year awards.


These awards are a testament to Tanamera’s dedication to providing exceptional services and promoting wellness in the industry. The company’s team of experts has developed a standard operating procedure (SOP), treatment manuals, and training programs that have been used to teach therapists all over the world the art of traditional Malaysian beauty and wellness treatments. Tanamera is especially proud of their efforts in promoting the important art of Malay Post Natal Treatment.

Permatang Pauh

Hong Kong Training

Kazakhstan Training

Ukraine Training

Moscow Training

Vietnam Training

Postnatal Massage & Rituals 5 days course with Sentuh.my

Engagement with mothers – Puan Orni’s Talk

Postnatal seminar- Hong Kong

Postnatal seminar- Vietnam

Postnatal seminar- PWTC

Postnatal seminar- Melaka