Body Works

Body Works
Rejuvenate, Rehydrate, Relax

Tanamera Body Works are series of body treatments that are able to de-stress, soften, firm, and detox your skin, depending on which treatment you choose. 

Our array of sumptuous natural body scrubs and wraps are blended with all natural ingredients commonly found in our tropical surroundings . Apart from rejuvenating, revitalizing and regenerating skin, our treatments will exfoliate tired skin and improve its metabolism leaving you with soft and silky smooth skin.

The Treatments

Body Scrubs & Body Wrap

Durations 50 Mins / RM 130

Body Scrub

Durations 40 Mins / RM 85

Body bath

Durations 40 Mins / RM 85

Body Herbal compress

Durations 30 Mins / RM 65


Durations 30 Mins / RM 85

aromatherapy body steam

Durations 40 Mins / RM 50