Massage Works : Traditional Malaysian Massages

Holistic Massage
Keep the body free from stress and illness

A massage following the principles of holistic massage steps but infused with your therapist’s unique techniques.

Traditional Malay Massage
A comprehensive and efficient therapy

Malay traditional massage in the real sense! Malat traditional massage combines stretching, steeping, long kneading strokes and pressure applied to various part the body. The Malay Traditional Massage is a therapeutic from head to toe.

Massage is often practiced by various cultures as one of the oldest form of healing. Experience harmony and regeneration as our senses awaken and unravel. 

Tanamera Massageworks are series of massage techniques, each uniquely created to stimulate your body’s natural ability to rebalance, rest and return to a more powerful vitality.

The Treatment

Warming Massage
Eliminates bloating & eases muscles

Tanamera signature powder massage is adapted from the principles od Ayurvedic udsadana, Warming massage is especially well – suited to support a weight loss program. The skin becomes silky soft and cellulite can be reduces in this pleasant process. Furthermore, waste products are loosened in the body and can be eliminated.

Aromatherapy Massage
Compliment any form of massage

A combination of Aromatic oil and soothing massage particularly suited to conditions involving stress or improving emotionally-related.

Neck & Shoulder Massage
Excellent for stiff, sore or pulled muscles

These deep thumb and finger pressures, frictions and soothing strokes help to reduce tension, improve circulations and flush out physical and emotional toxins.