Tanamera Traditional Malay Massage

“Malaysian beauty treatments can be traced back nearly a thousand years and are highly influenced by local Malay, Arab, Chinese, Indian, Javanese and many other cultures that have resided in Malaysia over generations.
Traditionally, Malay beauty treatments are family secrets handed down from generation to generation and rarely shared outside the home. However, with younger generations showing less interest in the traditional beauty treatments, older generations are more willing to share so the art does not die out due to a lack of practitioners. So, what was once practiced behind closed doors by midwives, healers, and wedding planners, or more commonly known as “mak andam”, are now revived and shared with others to keep the art of Malay beauty treatments alive.
Tanamera Wellness Spas set out to popularize this art by adopting traditional Malay treatments on the spa menu. Combined with the use of our award-winning natural range of spa products, clients receive the experience of a relaxing tropical journey.
Since 2008, we have mentored entrepreneurs who want to integrate traditional Malay spa concepts into their facilities with the Tanamera Wellness Spa licensing program. The Tanamera team, with the help of associate spa consultants, creates menus and protocols, and then equips spas with locally trained therapists.There are currently 4 Tanamera Wellness Centre in location around Malaysia with 2 more coming up soon by the end of 2019.